ABOUT iAS Fitness Apparel

iAS(iAmSavage) Fitness Apparel was founded by a Former United States Marine. iAS is a Colorado based company that all started with a simple idea; to create a shirt that athletes can train/compete in, that was both comfortable and attractive.  

Here at iAS Fitness our culture is comprised of athletes that come from all walks of life. I support any athlete, from professional body builders and marathon runners to cross fitters and competitive power walkers! If you put out 100% effort and leave your guts spilled on the floor, to improve your craft, I salute you. 

All of our apparel is unique, comfortable and a reflection of the determined Savage prowling within each and every one of us! WeAreSavage and we do work!

iAS Fitness Apparel

P.O Box 352126 Westminster CO 80035